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2019 Availability Calendar

Please refresh if you have visited our site before to ensure the updated calendar - thank you!

Full Month Rentals in all Cabins & Upper Landing Sites Available All Season

Cabins, Chalet and all RV Sites are available nightly & weekly 

Just a reminder during the Summer Season  the Cabins and Lower Landing RV Sites

Pre-books by Reservation

Minimum 7 night stay or longer generally Friday to Friday 

Make Your Reservation Today!

IF you can not stay for the full 7 night reservation, we will try our best to rent out the vacant nights which will then reflect as a deduction on your final bill.

Less than 7 day reservations for the Lower Landing RV Sites & Cabins  Summer Season start  June 1st for June and July.  Start July 1st for August and September - send us your request as we fill in order of requests

September Long Weekend check in Friday & is a 3 night minimum.

NO LIMIT ON THE AMOUNT OF WEEKS YOU CAN BOOK & the occasional 9, 10, 12+ nights may be available. 

The Resort is a Cabin & RV Park, NOT a campground, fully contained units ONLY please.

No Washrooms or Showers

The Upper Landing RV Sites & 2 Non-Service Sites on the Lower Landing are Nightly, Weekly & Monthly.

Monthly Upper Landing RV  Rentals Site #2 through to Site #4  - click here for pricing

We are a general 2 night minimum both in the Cabins & Lower Landing RV Sites however I have been known to rent per night for single people, couples or smaller families, if you are very charming & have brought me a bottle of vino, preferably an easy drinking Red. 

NO LIMIT ON THE AMOUNT OF WEEKS YOU CAN BOOK & 9, 10, 12+ nights are available. 

Full Month Rentals Available Please Inquire

(GST on Monthly Rentals - Cabins/Chalet may be shared, which can be arranged at time of renting, however only to Max Occupancy )

Note:  we try to avoid Sunday check ins for Cabins & RV Sites

2017 Calendar

2019 Calendar ready in March!

Before the Calendar goes Public !


Email us with Your Request 

& We will Respond toYou

in the Order it is Received

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