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Welcome to Murphy's Landing! Turn left off Hwy 23N across from the Esso Gas Station.


Come straight down a long driveway past the 3 stumps.


Untill you see our Gazebo style Office

Picture 426.jpg

and here it is!


You are now here!

Cabin 1&2 Scroll pic.jpg

Check into Cabin #1 or #2

K- 4.jpg

or Grampa's Cabin #4

H - 3.jpg

or the Chalet

August 2011 025.jpg

or your RV Site


check on your friends and then...


head straight to the beach.

You will enjoy a 40-acre exclusive Resort practically all to yourself!


Take a drinky poo with you while you're lounging


in your gazebo

Why?...because you are Protected by Nature, you have the Freedom to Breathe, the Right to Relax and the Opportunity to Enjoy!


...then you may want to stretch your legs a bit


or maybe not...


maybe you 'll just sit and listen to the sounds of the cascading little creek


and then you'll walk around a bit

Picture 387.jpg

you'll look across the fresh water canal and still nobody here?


There's your Cabin


You wonder can this place be real or am I dreaming?

August 2011 017.jpg

Oh...there's some people now. Had the whole place to myself all morning!


I still can't believe I'm here...look at that view!

August 2011 018.jpg

The Arrow Lakes in high water. WOW!! I'll go out on the boat tomorrow, I'm glad I stayed today! It's too beautiful!

August 2011 020.jpg

Can you believe this sky!!

Gee maybe I'll soak up a little more sun on my private beach beside my fresh water pool

Cabin People, Music etc. 116.jpg

Gee isn't that where I sat earlier today?

Well time for another little walk or should I sit here too?

Cabin People, Music etc. 111.jpg

We are coming back tonight for roasted marshmallows at our fire pit!

Cabin People, Music etc. 120.jpg

I'll keep walking along these gorgeous landscaped trails


I think I'll head to the big Kuskanax Creek while I walk along the little creek

Sept 1-6 08 051.JPG

Gee another place I can have a drinky poo and relax but I hear the rushing sound of the big creek

Sept 1-6 08 052.JPG

There it is, the Kuskanax Creek!

Sept 1-6 08 048.JPG

awww some little birds fishing and playing in the creek

Nakusp - August 2008 079.jpg

ohh! Some other little birds playing in the creek?!

Sept 1-6 08 053.JPG

I think I'll stop by this gazebo for a short break


and here they are again...

Nakusp - August 2009 325.jpg

Now there's 4 little birds..ha..ha..

August 2011 021.jpg

I think I'm going to walk the Kuskanx and head into town


and what do I see sitting in a tree beside the Kuskanax creek? A Bald Eagle!!!

Nakusp - August 2009 261.jpg

And I walk along that beautiful trail into 10 mins I'm at the Public Beach and then I head to the Marina

This is definitely one of the Most Beautiful, Fresh, Clean and Unspoiled Areas, I've ever Seen!

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