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How Reservations Work

Next Years Calendar Available Soon !

July & August
April - October
November - March

Murphy’s Landing Future Years:


Planning your stay for next year or would like to?

We would love to see you back again & love to have you stay for the first time!  

Here is how it works:

This Applies to - part of June, July, August & part of September minimum 7 Nights stays both in the Cabins & Lower Landing RV Sites:


Monthly & Seasonal Upper Landing RV  Rentals Site are  Available 

Monthly & Seasonal rentals in the Cabins are NOW Available 

The reservation for next season has to be made during your stay. The cabin/site will be released at NOON the day after you check out if you have not re-booked.  Exceptions can be made directly to the Office Staff the day of your departure and will be addressed accordingly.

You can only re-book for the following year if you have stayed with us for 7 cumulative days or more the year before.  

The reservation for the following year should be for the same site and the same days; refer to your week#.  (click here - Murphy’s Landing Interval Calendar.)  If you request a different time or extra time, please refer to the note below*.

Please refer to the Cancellation Policy - Nightly, Weekly and with Exceptions =

All PRIOR reservation requests will be contacted for the option of renting forfeited accommodations beginning November 1st.

If you haven’t stayed here before but would like to, ALL NEW 7 Night Requests made a year prior or earlier in the year will RECEIVE priority assistance. ALL NEW less than 7 Night Requests made a year prior or earlier in the year will follow next in priority.

General reservations for the following year, will open up on the first Tuesday after the September long weekend at 12:01 am.   Please contact us by email PREFERRED   or  phone if need be 250-265-0020

Reservations will be dealt with on a first come first serve basis.

NO LIMIT ON THE AMOUNT OF WEEKS YOU CAN BOOK & the occasional 5, 9, 10, 12+ nights may be available. 

Just a reminder: during the the Summer Season the Cabins and Lower Landing RV Sites Pre-Book by reservation & are a minimum 7 night stay or longer generally Friday to Friday the odd Monday, Wednesday.

September Long Weekend check in Friday & is a 3 night minimum.


The Upper Landing RV Sites & 2 Non-Service Sites on the Lower Landing are Nightly, Weekly & Monthly. 7 nights or more Reservations take priority.  


The Resort is a Cabin & RV Park, not a campground; fully contained units ONLY please.


*Changing of Dates or adding Time:

All requests to change Sites/Cabins, dates or add additional time must be submitted to our office no later than October 31st.  Unless otherwise stated, you will not be given a site number, but a site type. We can not guarantee your site request.

Note:  we try to avoid Saturday/Sunday check ins & outs both Cabins & RV's during this Season

This Applies to - April, May, June, September, October :

Our Office is Open to All Reservations, generally a 2 night minimum in the Cabins & during the weekends on the Lower Landing RV Sites 

Monthly & Seasonal Upper Landing RV  Rentals Site are Available 

Monthly & Seasonal rentals in the Cabins are NOW Available 

Note:  we try to avoid Sunday check ins for Cabins 

This Applies to - November, December, January, February & March:

Our Office is by Email ONLY during the Winter - Cabins are closed for nightly rentals OPEN to monthly rentals

Some exceptions can apply Cabins are by RESERVATION ONLY & is generally a 2 night minimum but will take all requests.

Monthly & Seasonal Upper Landing RV  Rentals Site can be Available 

Monthly & Seasonal rentals in the Cabins can be Available 

Note:  Check ins can Vary any day of the Week

Interval Calendar

Murphy's Landing Interval Calendar

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