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Welcome to Murphy's Landing Creekside & Lakefront Resort Cabins & Chalet

Cabin & Chalet Rules & Regs

Our private cabins were designed and decorated for your personal enjoyment.

High standards of quality and cleanliness we strive to maintain for your satisfaction.

We would greatly appreciate your efforts in helping us maintain these high standards,  so you and your  families can enjoy not only these Cabins & Chalet but our surrounding property for years to come. 

Thank you for your respect in this manner.             Enjoy your stay!                                     

                                                                                                                The Murphy’s    

·Check Out time is 11:30 a.m.

·Please remove your outside footwear in this entry way

·Please smoke OUTSIDE on your personal deck using the ashtrays

·Butt cans for your cigarettes are located on Picnic tables at the Beach

·DO NOT leave cigarette butts, nuts, seeds or garbage on the property, beach, trails or driveways

-We do NOT supply daily Housekeeping. Extra Towels, TP & Garbage bags are supplied at check-in. Please refer to "What You Will Need?" for further information.

·Families with children - Please treat all the grounds & property similar to a flower garden at a distinguished resort.  

  • This is a private well maintained beach - Please do not throw rocks into the Canal &/or dig big trenches, holes & spread rocks over the sand – if your children want to build sand castles etc. Please return the beach to its original state, Thank you NO PEEING in the POOL, Please!

  • Please No bikes on the Canal Beach, Lawns, Walking Trails – stick to the Roads and the Trail to Town

  • Please, instruct your children to respect the natural surroundings, animals and any property that is for your enjoyment.  IN THE EVENT OF DAMAGE &/OR EXCESSIVE CLEANING SERVICES ARE NEEDED A MINIMUN OF $50-$500  CHARGE OVER AND ABOVE All OTHER CHARGES  WILL BE APPLIED TO YOUR CREDIT CARD

  • ABSOLUTELY No Pellet Guns, Cap Guns or Water Balloons on this property

·Be Aware of Fire Hazards – completely put your Fire out with water - one shared Fire Beach by our canal Beach "Bob's Lagoon"

       FIRE WOOD –   It is mandatory that only our firewood be used.  It's is available for purchase.

       It is available around the right site of the office!   Use the SIGN OUT sheet supplied -$8.00 per box – please bring your box back to the               office at your earliest convenience - $30 Charge for missing Containers

      FIRES – all fire rings are approximately 18” in diameter and must remain that size under the Fire Regulation Act.  Any fires found to be                larger will be fined.  In addition no foreign wood is to be transported onto our property due insects/beetles etc. foreign to our area &                  property.   Canal Beach fire pit is reserved for Cabin guests only.


  • Be sure to roll down all umbrellas after use & before bed due to winds

  • Close all windows & doors when using the Air Conditioner or Heat

  • Please close the window by the TV in case of blowing rain

  • Please RECYCLE – refer to instructions located in binder

  • Propane & Plungers located on south side of Office

  • NO Pets - Cabin #4 is the pet cabin only - refer to “Note to All Pet Owners” sheet in the binder on your coffee table

  • Respect other Guests – Keep noises down past 11:00pm

  • Idle Free – please don't leave your vehicle running longer than needed

  • Try not to disturb other guest when arriving late or leaving early

  • Please THOROUGHLY Wash All Dishes/Pots/Pans & leave in dish rack – (unfinished dishes will incur charges)

  • Please Place All Dirty Towels in Tub/Shower

  • Please Do Not Strip the Beds – thank you though!!

  • Please Help Us to Reuse & Recycle - Leave unopened perishable items & vegetables in the fridge & unopened food on the counter.  We do compost and give good food away to local charity. Please Recycle!

  • Please lock cabins - return your keys to the office or key box located outside the office

Thank you for your cooperation

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