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July 27, 2021

11:00 am Daily Wildfire update

There is no new information to report since yesterday's update. The Kimbol Lake fire continues to be noted as "held" by the BC Wildfire Service and is not considered a threat to the Village of Nakusp.

The Incident Command Centre team from Alberta - a management team and crew are set up in the Arena/Curling Club and are focused on the Arrow Lakes Complex Wildfires (Octopus Creek, Michaud Creek and Renata Creek). The Information Officer from the Incident Command team produces a daily update which will be posted here as it becomes available each day.


July 26, 2021 11:00am update

BC Wildfire Service has set up an Incident Command Centre in the Nakusp Arena and Curling Rink. This will be a base for firefighters and a wildfire management team. The BC Wildfire Service command centre has a Wildfire Information Officer assigned who will be producing a daily information wildfire update The first issue was published yesterday and you will find it (along with other informative information) on the RDCK website at

In addition, the bulletin notes that they will be setting up an information board outside of the Nakusp Community Complex which will have maps, photos and other information relating to the fires affecting Fauquier and Edgewood areas (Arrow Lakes Wildfire Complex).

The RDCK Reception Centre for evacuees of the Fauquier area fire continues to operate out of the Auditorium at the Nakusp Community Complex. It is expected that the Reception Centre will be operational for another week in this location.

The BC Wildfire Service is reporting that the Kimbol Lake fire (N51734) is now being held and remains at 77 HA. It is not currently considered a threat to the Village of Nakusp.

The Nakusp Fire department responded to a fire down an embankment off Highway 23 on Friday evening – that fire is now considered out.

Drive BC is reporting that Highway 6 EW in both directions is open for through traffic only (following a pilot vehicle to and from Needles Ferry). See for detailed and up to date information.

July 23, 2021 9:00pm Wildfire update

Tonight the Nakusp Fire Department was called to a fire along Highway 23. Upon response, it was determined the fire was further out than expected – near St. Leon’s Road. As the Nakusp Fire department arrived at the scene, they found a fire in progress off the highway caused by an RV which had lost its tire and wheel assembly (on fire) down the embankment in a heavily forested area.

The Nakusp Fire Department quickly put out the fire but Fire Chief Terry Warren credits the quick thinking of public - the individuals initially at the scene - for their actions in attempting to control the fire. This fire has now been identified on the BC Wildfire website as Fire Number N52153.

Fire Chief Warren has stated the fire is now out and the responding firefighters have returned home.

Daily Wildfire Update

July 23, 2021 11:00am

BC Wildfire Service is not reporting any change in the Kimbol Lake fire. It remains at 77 HA. It is not currently considered a threat to the Village of Nakusp.

A large unit crew of firefighters and management team have arrived in Nakusp from Alberta. They are setting up a Command Centre and will be dedicated to getting control of the main fires in the Fauquier and Edgewood areas.

There are currently no other changes to report in the wildfire situation directly affecting the Village of Nakusp. Updates will be provided if the situation changes. All residents should continue to plan ahead and be prepared to react quickly should unexpected emergency events occur.

July 22, 2021 11:00am

Village of Nakusp Wildfire Update including update from BC Hydro

There is a lot of information, some accurate and some not, being posted on social media. It is understandable that people are worried and looking for information. Please encourage your friends, family, and neighbours to sign up to the Village of Nakusp email updates (through and/or to Follow/Like the Village of Nakusp on Facebook.

Village staff are in constant contact with various agencies – RDCK, BC Wildfire personnel, provincial ministry officials, BC Hydro, etc. When information becomes available which is directly relevant to the safety of the residents in the Village of Nakusp – it will be posted through these channels very quickly and updated as often as necessary. We are committed to providing information in a timely and accurate manner.

The Village does not respond to information that is being circulated on other sources as it is not possible to monitor all of it but we will provide all new information regarding threats to this community as soon as we receive it.

The BC Wildfire Service is not reporting any change in the Kimbol Lake fire. It remains at 77 HA and continues to be noted as "out of control" however it is not currently considered a risk to Nakusp.

The Village has been advised by BC Hydro that there is no imminent risk to the power supply for Nakusp at this time. BC Hydro is continuing to monitor the situation quite closely and are conducting daily aerial assessments at first light. They are also making arrangements to begin fire hardening on their infrastructure in the area. However, all residents should be prepared in the case of changing conditions. BC Hydro has prepared an information sheet with helpful tips to prepare for a power outage. Find this information at: .

Residents are also reminded to ensure they have a Grab and Go Emergency Kit ready in the case of an evacuation.

uly 21, 2021 11:00am Daily Update

The BC Wildfire Service is reporting that the Kimbol Lake fire continues to be out of control and is now 77 HA. It is not currently considered a threat to the Village of Nakusp. Stay up to date on the status of BC Wildfires by clicking on the link below.

Last night the communities of Applegrove and Fauquier were evacuated due to wildfire. The Nakusp and Area Sports Complex is serving as the Reception Centre with the Nakusp Emergency Social Services (ESS) team of volunteers registering affected individuals and providing resources and other assistance.

The Needles Ferry is currently closed to passenger use due to the Evacuation Order in Fauquier and is being used for emergency service only. The Arrow Park and Shelter Bay/Galena Bay Ferries are currently operating 24 hours per day. Check DriveBC at for updates.

Nakusp residents are encouraged to sign up for email notifications through the Village of Nakusp website at Emails will be sent whenever there is new emergency information directly affecting the Village. If you signed up yesterday and did not receive an email update, please register again as their was a glitch in the registration system and not all entries were captured. This issue has now been fixed.

Although there is currently no imminent risk to Nakusp, all residents are encouraged to be prepared in the case of changing situations. See the Emergency Preparedness information posted on the Village of Nakusp website for helpful information and links.

In the case of a widespread emergency affecting the Village of Nakusp, the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) will partner with the Village to operate the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). Sign up for RDCK Emergency Notifications here: Notifications can be set up to come as landline messages, cellphone text messages or email messages. Critical information requiring action such as Evacuation Alerts and Evacuation Orders will be conveyed through this system.

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